On Saturday, September 26, the Rotary Club of Richmond Hill will be holding their first “Bottle and Food Drive” to collect alcoholic bottles/cans for deposit refund, and packaged food.
The money collected will be used to the benefit our local community programs in desperate need during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The packaged food will go to the Richmond Hill Food Bank.  So this Bottle and Food Drive is really crucial.
Please help by dropping off your beer cans and liquor bottles, or making a packaged food donation, on Saturday, September 26, 11am-4pm at one of four drop off locations:
  1. Dr. C.P. Giri - 9791 Bayview Ave Richmond Hill
  2. 10909 Yonge St, Richmond Hill (Loblaws Plaza)
  3. 29 Bedford Park Ave, Richmond Hill
  4. 376 Church St South, Richmond Hill (Board of Trade Office)
For Inquiries:
Nash Azam : 416 450 1196
Jason Cherniak: 416 807 3389
Peter Szoke: 905 770 7571